I'm Marissa, a brand and digital marketing strategist.

I love to launch and grow great consumer products
with the help of
creative, cohesive marketing campaigns.


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  • Brand IDENTITY + messaging

  • partnerships + influencer marketing

  • communications

  • Social strategy + Growth

  • content marketing + SEO

  • acquisition (SEM + Social)

  • web design (Squarespace + wordpress)

Who I've Worked With:


Hi, i'm marissa!

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I'm a brand and digital marketer who loves working with people who are passionate about their business. I work with all types of marketing, from online to offline channels, paid and unpaid. I want to help you build your brand and grow your company with creative, integrated marketing campaigns that stay true to your brand. 

I've previously done work for companies like Sandwich Video, DogVacay, and Disney. I'm also a former entrepreneur and former investment banker. You can check out more about my background here on Linkedin.

I'm based in Los Angeles with my husband and our two pups, Juliet and Rascal. One of them has an Instagram. I love planning last-minute adventures and exploring new places and sometimes I write about it

I am best bribed with beef jerky, hot fried chicken, and a good cup of black coffee.


Things I believe in: Brand-building. Measuring all the things. The power of a perfectly-chosen GIF. Good grammar.


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